On Styrofoam about 18×24″ using acrylic paint and some marker.


“Polish Princess”

Most recent painting and I really like it. My ancestors on my fathers side fought in The Crusades and belonged to a battle clan with a crest. The crest is referenced on the girls dress and in the upper left corner of the painting. I don’t have a nice camera yet still using cell phone cameras. I was inspired by festivals with dancers.20160405_005203


This was on a smaller paper. 5″x7″ I think. A bit inspired by the movie The Dark Crystal.

Selling one of the paintings Here

Fine Art America Fight Painting





Love this episode from Doctor Who.

phoenix in flames

A love for ochre.


“Beauty” This painting inspired me to keep trying. It’s nice to not just do purely abstract expressionism.


Abstract-for those who don’t know how to actually paint. Colors expressed emotions and I learned which meant what to me. It started to be where I could paint what my hands wanted, but not very well yet. So far, it had been a month.


“Best Friends” This painting was of my best friend and I. Her as the tall blue ice and myself as the short orange fire. I remember, during the mountains being amazed they basically painted themselves.


Addiction and disappointments steps in. At this point, I understand that painting heals me and holds satisfaction. But, I also learn the frustration of wasting resources and lack of flow. If you can experience life through moments of flow you’re life becomes open and pretty surprising. I don’t think I noticed this state yet, just perhaps, painting seemed effortless at times.


“Moth” I figured maybe with some sort of system I could have an amazing result. I experimented with the idea of triangulating colors. Having orange, blue, red, green in one area then carry those colors at an angle away. As soon as I think I have a grip, I lost it. I wasn’t able to hold this painting high because it’s mistakes were too blatant to me. A system, I learned did not always guarantee great results.

Soon after

Eventually, I bought some actual watercolor paper. Read some “how to paint” articles online. I didn’t have much patience for trying all the practice bits the author wrote. But, I appreciate how much advise artists give. I’ve read that the hour of creativity is best around 2-5am, which, does seem true.


Feathers and Fins. This was on an 11×15″ watercolor paper. A happier uplifting painting. I don’t know, hopefully, someone other than family will like any of my paintings. Either way I hope people feel my unconditional love through the colors and the curves. I love using watercolor paint. It can be free or dry. I love painting/playing through these stages with outcomes of flowing or choppy.

Starting out

I had seen a psychic before I moved away from my hometown. My mother wanted the both of us to go. During my session with the interestingly normal woman ..no gypsy; she spoke of my past lives, future encounters (which 2 happened) and that she saw me painting. I always thought and still do of  painters as cool hip people wearing tight black clothing and the french cap.  Because of that notion, I did not believe the majority of what she had told me yet I had thought on that experience pretty often. We moved. My sister needed a frame for her husband’s declaration from their church. I asked her to buy me a watercolor paint set, she replied “as long as it was less than $10”. I practiced painting on glossy pages from dollar store books and on pamphlets from around the area.  I bought a horrible paint brush kit from the corner store. Eventually one night I went to town on this plain paper. I didn’t use actual printer paper a lot because we had very little left after moving.


This was from April 2013. I used anything within reach instead of paint brushes…maybe I hadn’t bought them yet. An allen wrench, toothpick, clear plastic ruler, incense stick, etc. As lame as it sounds I cried afterward. For the past 5 years, I had no outlet from being bipolar-schizo affective. I was stable on medications, but my soul was becoming dry. A lot has happened since that painting and I’m glad.

Hoo’s there?